The Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics 2016

  • The Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics 2016

    When it comes to improving sales performance, analytics are the closest thing that sales leaders get to a crystal ball. Tracking the right metrics empowers you to discover new ways to optimize sales productivity. Best of all, you’ll be able to virtually predict the future, enabling you to set reps on the right course before revenue gets lost.

    In our new eBook, The 2016 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics, we reveal more than 50 powerful metrics and formulas that top sales leaders are currently using to radically accelerate sales opportunities and revenue. This comprehensive eBook is the product of dozens of conversations with top sales leaders at companies like Box and The Bridge Group. We’ll not only reveal which metrics make the biggest impact, but also explain everything you need to know to start tracking these vital metrics right away.

  • By reading this guide, you will learn how to:

    • Optimize reps’ activities to drive powerful results
    • Predict whether reps are on pace to meet goals
    • Gain real-time insight into every stage of your sales funnel
    • Coach your team to create more opportunities, close deals faster and drive more revenue

    Download The Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics and discover how to transform your sales team with the power of data science.