• RingDNA is the best product we evaluated, helping us to be exponentially more productive and book 81% more meetings by phone. Hands-down the top workflow of any telephony solution we explored.

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    Kyle Coleman
    Director, Sales Development


    • Empower reps to dial, connect with and qualify far more prospects each quarter
    • Book more meetings with highly qualified leads prior to handing them off to account executives
    • Monitor calls in order to more effectively coach sales development reps
    • Enable reps to make and take calls from their desks and on the go


    • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
    • RingDNA Local Presence Dialing
    • RingDNA Sales Coaching Suite


    • 81% increase in meetings booked via phone
    • Exponential lift in daily outbound dials (reaching 200 dials per week per rep)
    • 100% key performance metrics automatically captured in Salesforce

    Looker, based in Santa Cruz CA, brings data-driven decision-making to every level of an enterprise with a data platform that creates a single source of truth so every business team can easily ask and answer their own questions. The company is powering data-driven cultures at more than 600 industry-leading companies such as Yahoo!, Venmo, Warby Parker, and Sony.

    Looker differentiates from the competition though a governance layer which ensures that different departments are always running queries on the same data set. The result is that any piece of data can be queried upon, ensuring that data is always relevant and removing interdepartmental data chaos.

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Looker’s Director of Sales Development Kyle Coleman was seeking a solution that could help his reps dial prospects more easily while capturing key data in Salesforce. After evaluating NewVoiceMedia, FastCall, Shoretel and other solutions, he decided to give RingDNA a try. Coleman was instantly impressed by how well RingDNA integrated with Salesforce. “The plug-and-play experience we had was so much better and easier than what we experienced with other companies. The fact that RingDNA also exists as a Google Chrome plugin was a great fit for our process.”

Coleman was instantly impressed by the productivity gains that RingDNA afforded his sales development team. “I’m getting goosebumps thinking about how much easier RingDNA made our process. RingDNA just solved everything. It was unbelievable.” RingDNA call forwarding afforded reps the flexibility to dial prospects from their desktop or from mobile devices. And while it once took reps weeks to make 200 dials, RingDNA empowered sales development reps to dial upwards of 200 prospects in a single week. Looker’s reps also experienced a steep increase in call connection rates after using RingDNA’s Local Presence, which enables reps to automatically dial prospects from local area codes.

One of the most transformative results in implementing RingDNA has been the increase in meetings booked via phone. According to Kyle Coleman, this was significant because, “Leads qualified over the phone are typically higher quality than those who only talk to our reps through email. More phone bookings has greatly increased account executives’ confidence in the quality of leads being handed over to sales.”

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